vr old man - 6 of the Best Operating VR Casinos You'll Find Online

6 of the Best Operating VR Casinos You’ll Find Online

When we talk about casinos, many people imagine the most luxurious in Las Vegas and all the games we can enjoy like roulette, slots and many more.

But technology has advanced in such an incredible way, that now there are virtual reality casinos that you can enjoy a lot. Here we bring you some of the best operating you will find online:


The graphics of this type of virtual game work through what is known as the production of high-resolution images. It’s worked by experts with a special technique.

Game Combination

Currently, for these virtual casinos, there is a combination of games that have merged, both the internet and those that we usually know that are in the casinos. And also the quality of visualization and sound when playing makes it even more attractive.

Player Detector

It detects all players who are currently playing in the casino, so they could also get to communicate or connect.

chat - 6 of the Best Operating VR Casinos You'll Find Online

Live Chat

There is an option that these types of games have added which are the chats and voice functions. But they have also implemented the option of live chat, where you can communicate with the other players who are in the casino and are managed by other players.


The players will have the possibility to choose between different avatars to be the ones they choose to play.

Economic Benefit

These virtual reality casinos have different advantages, but one of the best is that some have the option of earning real money as if you were in Las Vegas playing in any type of machines or blackjack. If you win, you will be sent a payment and no need to move your comfort zone.

This game really has good things where you can take advantage for, but everything must be done playing with thought, which means to focus on playing healthily, without feeling the need to make it practically an obsession where you spend everything. And last but not least but if you are feeling more traditional then we recommend playing games offered by Ninja Casino and other online casinos that are legitimate.

vr goggle - VR Gambling Technology - Is This the Future?

VR Gambling Technology – Is This the Future?

Gambling has been one of the most popular hobbies for many, the chance of betting and winning in various games that can be played on casinos has really made his impact in our history. And since it was first introduced Smart Goggles have found the way of sneaking this hobby in other formats.

From simple video games to a more advanced way, gambling has always been there for many of us, and with the arrival of the internet, it was only a matter of time for gambling to make their appearance. And with thousands of webpage dedicated to online gambling and how to play better, we can say for sure that online gambling is even more famous than the traditional way.

Gambling Will Make an Appearance in VR

With this being said, is safe to say that with the newer gadgets arriving in our market and devices that are meant for entertainment, is only a matter of time for gambling to come in his way and become part of it.

woman shock vr - VR Gambling Technology - Is This the Future?

And now with all the fuss of the VR technology and smart glasses, gambling has finally come its way and VR is having a great display of the much functionality that can be applied to gambling.

The Project Has Many Investors Behind

Now multiples companies have been investing in a way for a virtual reality gambling that can offer more opportunities for more potential players, this can be from a more complete experience that can be more interactive with other persons.

The Future Is Coming

Witnessing the example of NetEnt and how they are planning of making software that is focused on online gambling and can be applied on most of the VR goggles, since offering a 3D experience that can be displayed in a 360-degree full experience.

vr woman high up - VR Gambling Technology - Is This the Future?

With this, the future of gambling can see a new horizon in this platform that every day is gaining more and more users. And since we are only starting in the trend of VR and their use is fairly limited, new horizons are being reached with the latest discoveries in this tech.

man shouting - Sensics and Their Flagship Product - The Smart Goggles Release

Sensics and Their Flagship Product – The Smart Goggles Release

The year is 2018 and we are finally getting more advances of what we always wanted, a functional and innovative smart goggles that could give us a proper 3D experience.

With these demanding, we finally get the product that we always wanted, smart Goggles 3D, and with some other features that give most of the users with our jaws on the floor. Since a 3D gaming was always a desire for most of the mobile gamers, we finally see our dream come true with the smart goggles 3D.

Be Connected Everywhere

This device allows us to have a first-person experience in 3D, but we already said that what it truly makes it great is the  360 degrees tracking of the hands and great interactions with our surroundings, not to mention the capability of this thing and how convenient and easy it is to transport since is lightweight and can run wirelessly.

man black jacket - Sensics and Their Flagship Product - The Smart Goggles Release

These smart goggles come with one or another trick under its sleeve since it possesses the option of running Android, making it a standalone product. So, if you don’t want to connect your telephone to this smart goggle, there’s no need, since it can work just by downloading the apps that you want.

Use Your TV to Watch in 3D

But if you are like me, you might prefer to run this smart goggle with your phone and try all the apps and games that you have there. But this isn’t the only thing that these smart goggles have to give you since it can also be paired with your television and see your favorite movies with this amazing display.

woman vr - Sensics and Their Flagship Product - The Smart Goggles Release

Now, I’ve already talked about how this device can connect to your phone. But smart goggles 3D can also pair with your home console so in that way you can play your favorite games with this headset, making it a completely new experience full of excitement in his high-definition screens.

Is hard to say something bad of the Smart Goggles 3D since they offer the most essential and complete features for a smart goggle.

man vr - Around the Block - The 4 Best Smart Goggles

Around the Block – The 4 Best Smart Goggles

Technology is advancing in such an incredible way, that things that we never imagined, can now offer some protection or ability. This time they have been the creation of smart glasses.

Their lenses come with UV protection, allow you to see beyond anything, they even have an internal screen where you can reflect different digital images. They can even be connected with Wi-Fi or paired with a cell phone! Learn more about it with these 4 smart lenses our team found for you.

Liquid lenses

The lenses of these glasses have liquid, a characteristic that makes it unique. You can connect to various applications that you have on your phone, pairing them through Bluetooth and the best of all is that you can use it as reading lenses by placing them as bifocals, to see from a distance or up close.

white vr - Around the Block - The 4 Best Smart Goggles


One of the best smart glasses for the number of things you can do with it. It doesn’t have the most attractive designs, it’s a little bit strange, but they have a spectacular function, working as a phone or computer, you can even connect it with Wi-Fi, it has Bluetooth, and much more.


These lenses have a great design, very modern. But its operation is even better. These lenses have been designed by the company of the famous Snapchat application, which you can use to take photos or record anything you want.

Vuzix M300

They’re some lenses that have become a success in the market, where you can use some of your phone or computer applications from the use of lenses. It has an internal camera and some nose pads, thus avoiding any discomfort in case of using for many hours.

If this isn’t an invention, I really don’t know what it’s. These glasses go beyond what we ever imagined using. These lenses are really revolutionizing the market by the number of things you can also do with it, you can even open different mobile applications. Crazy but true.

vr lights - Do you Remember Natalia Smart Goggles?

Do you Remember Natalia Smart Goggles?

We often talk about the latest achievements of the newest smart goggles and VR that are fresh of the market. But for today, let’s take a quick recap at one of the most amazing gadgets from the past years and how this revolutionary piece of hardware was incredibly advanced for his time.

With this product, we are going to travel six years back and see how in the year 2012, the revolutionary Natalia Smart Goggles makes their first appearance and leave us with the mouth wide open at seeing such groundbreaking goggles that today gives a lot to talk when we discuss smart goggles.

vr black - Do you Remember Natalia Smart Goggles?

Comfy Headset

To start talking wonders about Natalia Smart Goggles. Let’s first say that it was familiar for being highly comfortable, even for a big headset. Since most headsets were known for being quite uncomfortable and often come with a tight grip, the Natalia can be described as a soft helmet that even to this day is hard to duplicate.

Long Sessions Confirmed

With dual OLED screens, the Natalia is recommendable for a long session of watching your favorite TV show or just see your videos. Since his main function is to connect to your telephone or PC. In fact, the Natalia can also connect with your favorite gaming console and let you play your video games and enjoy a new experience since it possesses 3D technology.

Dual-Core CPU

But we aren’t over about the capacity and usability of the Natalia since is known for their functionality and their endless options. The Natalia has a dual-core CPU integrated that has 1GB of memory, not to mention that it has the option to upgrade this space since it counts with an SD card slot.

vr white - Do you Remember Natalia Smart Goggles?

It Has Android OS

As well to other elements such as Wi-Fi connectivity and can run Android 4.0, making it pretty much a standalone product, something that even today hardware is hard to duplicate and make it so well as the Natalia did back in 2012.

Being wireless and offering a range of uses as well, the Natalia is even a recommendable smart goggle for today standards. And if you are interested in this piece of the past and how incredible it was to have it, you might now that in the future, more models would take this smart goggle as an example of a great work.a

vr woman white shirt - 7 Facts about How Smart Goggles Really Work

7 Facts about How Smart Goggles Really Work

Google Glass has developed a device in form of lenses where you can see everything in augmented reality, which means, like a telephone or a computer in your eyes.

You can manipulate through its various applications of your phone even, and there are cameras. They went on sale in 2013 and since then, hundreds of models have emerged that are increasingly being exceeded with excellent features. So the website gathered some facts about how smart they are:


It has an internal storage of 16GB that even everything you save can synchronize the storage with the cloud which will have a capacity of 12GB.

wifi - 7 Facts about How Smart Goggles Really Work


You also have the option of being connected to Wi-Fi networks, and also have the option of Bluetooth where through that it’s the way that you can connect directly with your mobile phone and be able to manage it from the lenses.


The battery is very good, can even have duration of a whole day of use.

lens - 7 Facts about How Smart Goggles Really Work


These types of intelligent glasses even have an internal camera where you can take photos with a resolution of 5 Mpx and record video in 720 pixels.


It has a touch screen that is in the “glasses” of the lenses, where you can manipulate anything you want and control it to your liking.

They also serve to read

Some of the designs of intelligent lenses, not all, have the option to be used as real lenses, which means, in case you want to see from far, near or bifocal. Some of them bring the option.

bald man vr - 7 Facts about How Smart Goggles Really Work


It has the tracking system of GPS. And it can also be used to store any type of information or data you want, for example when you finish training in the gym or running, time, calories burned and much more can be stored too.

They really are the coolest things that have been released lately, because if we thought that using the phone was something practical, using the internet or any app in this type of lens really is faster than anything. You can control any function of your phone, everything within reach of your eyes.