How to View Virtual Reality Videos on a Computer in 2022

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What Kinds of VR Videos Can You Watch on a PC or Mac?
In many ways, virtual reality can be utilized to watch movies. While some are more immersive than others, they are still fun ways to view a film.

Video in Virtual Reality

Consider a film that mixes 3D with the 360-degree action. The whole thing becomes a virtual reality experience.

You can pan around your perspective, giving it the depth of a 3D video world, making it a fully realistic virtual reality experience. It doesn’t get any better for VR film adventures than that.

Because the videos are a little more difficult to get by, there isn’t much information to choose from just yet.

If you like to watch 3D movies on your TV or virtual reality headset, make sure the video is anaglyph. You can pan with your mouse if it displays on your screen.

3D Video

3D movies never caught off in theaters, but they have a devoted following in virtual reality. The whole experience becomes more lifelike by employing 3D. Because 3D videos are inexpensive, they are widely used.

You may find 3D movies on Youtube by browsing or searching for them. In addition, certain 3D movies are available on DVD or Blu-ray.

3D can be achieved in various ways, including side-by-side video, anaglyph, and Over Under. For SBS and More Under, which feature two distinct displays, VR headsets are advised.

You’ll need 3D glasses to watch anaglyph videos (red and cyan) on your computer. Technically, Anaglyph movies are SBS that may be seen in Anaglyph, and the key is whether or not the film is anaglyph.

You can view a 3D movie in virtual reality as if you were in a movie theater. However, you may watch 3D videos without using a VR headset.

2D Video Routine

It makes no difference whether the film was created for VR or not. You can watch conventional 2D videos online or get them on DVD or Blu-ray.

Watching these videos in VR isn’t inherently unique or distinct. So, why should you bother? You might inquire.

VR headsets may play standard 2D movies in a theater demo mode, and it will be similar to seeing a handful of pops at a theater or having a 100-inch TV in your living space.

360-degree or 180-degree video

When you start making 180-degree or 360-degree videos, digital reality becomes truly unique. As you tilt your head or pan around in the digital globe around you, you get a better sense of being at a movie, but the video is still in 2D.

Many live-action films have 180- and 360-degree capabilities, which may appear unrealistic in computer games with CGI.

You can change what you see by viewing the shot, just like a regular movie, but you can’t walkabout.

You may operate a vehicle in the future in the film. Unless the cameraman switched cameras, a conventional video would show the windshield.

When you watch a 360-degree movie, you may check out any location outside or in your car.

360-degree photos can also be “watched.” These photographs are panoramic and may be moved around, and there is no sound or movement in the pictures.

On your PC screen or with a VR headset, you may watch 180- and 360-degree movies and these provide a more natural and better viewing experience.

What You’ll Need to Watch Virtual Reality Videos

A PC or Mac computer is required. Optional accessories may be required.
3D glasses with anaglyphs are optional.
A virtual reality headgear, such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift that connects to a PC or Mac is optional.
Optional programs include VLC, Kolor Eyes, Vive Video, Whirligig, and Virtual Desktop.

How to Use Your Monitor to View Virtual Reality Videos on Your PC or Mac

If you don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars in a VR headset, you may use your computer, monitor, and mouse. There are numerous methods for watching VR videos depending on the type of VR video you wish to watch.

2D films are not included in virtual reality. If you want to enjoy VR, you’ll need a VR headset.

You can watch 3D, 180/360-degree, and full VR videos on your PC. Even though it is not as immersive, you will have a great time exploring this virtual reality world. It depends on where you go to see movies and what kind of movies you see.

How to View 180/360 Degree Videos on a PC or Mac

The procedures to view 180 or 360-degree videos on your computer or Mac are outlined here.

1. Find and play with the movie on YouTube or another streaming website.

2. A video player that supports 360° video is required to play a 360° video document. Both Kolor Eyes and VLC enable 360-degree movies and are compatible with PCs and Mac.

You can still use the local Windows video player if you have a recently updated version of Windows.

Notice: 360-degree videos in VLC format will be supported by Kolor Eyes and the native Windows player. If the 360° videogame isn’t available, the native Windows player may be required.

Select 360 videos from the three dots at the bottom of the movie is available in Windows.

3. As soon as you install the video player of your choice, your video will begin to play.

Pan a movie across your 360-degree video by right-clicking on it. While holding the button, move the mouse.

On Your PC or Mac, How to Watch Full VR Videos

The same procedures apply to watching complete digital reality videos on your computer or Mac.

You’re ready to proceed once you’ve read through the 3D movie requirements and the 180/360-degree movie requirements.

How to View 3D Videos on a Computer or Mac
Follow the points below to watch 3D movies on your computer or Mac.

1. Determine whether it is SBS or anaglyph 3D TB. If the movie is anaglyph, you can watch it on your screen, and a VR headset is required otherwise.

2. Invest in some anaglyph glasses. Check your local store; alternatively, Amazon has a reasonably priced pair.

3. Select Anaglyph from the 3D settings (the gear symbol to the right of the video) when watching it on Youtube or any other streaming site.

4. If you have a video document, you’ll need a video player that can play 3D videos. VLC is a free, safe, multi-platform, 360-degree video player for PCs and Macs that allows you to play practically any sort of video.

Kolor Eyes (GoPro VR Player) is a fantastic option that works on both PCs and Macs.

5. Put on your spectacles.

How to operate a PC or Mac to View Content on a Headset

If you want the full VR experience, you’ll need a VR headset. The virtual reality experience will be more immersive, allowing you to pan around 360-degree videos by merely turning your head, as you would in real life.

Virtual reality headsets allow you to watch a wide range of videos. Only SBS or Over Under, not anaglyph, can be used in a 3D video. The instructions for watching VR videos are listed below.

Your PC or Mac must be linked to the headset.
After that, you’ll require a video player application. HTC Vive users can use the Video Video App on both the Vive and the Oculus Rift. Whirligig is a good alternative. Furthermore, Kolor Eyes (described above) is Oculus Rift compatible. If you want to do more with your headset than watch videos and play games, you can use the virtual desktop option. If you have the Rift, enable the option to allow unknown sources. The Oculus Rift can now accept apps from sources other than the Oculus Store.
On your headset, start the video player.
Go to the video and start watching it. Different apps require different processes, but they are all simple to use. Virtual Desktop, Whirligig, and Vive Video all support streaming services like Youtube in addition to playing video files.