vr goggle - VR Gambling Technology - Is This the Future?

VR Gambling Technology – Is This the Future?

Gambling has been one of the most popular hobbies for many, the chance of betting and winning in various games that can be played on casinos has really made his impact in our history. And since it was first introduced Smart Goggles have found the way of sneaking this hobby in other formats.

From simple video games to a more advanced way, gambling has always been there for many of us, and with the arrival of the internet, it was only a matter of time for gambling to make their appearance. And with thousands of webpage dedicated to online gambling and how to play better, we can say for sure that online gambling is even more famous than the traditional way.

Gambling Will Make an Appearance in VR

With this being said, is safe to say that with the newer gadgets arriving in our market and devices that are meant for entertainment, is only a matter of time for gambling to come in his way and become part of it.

woman shock vr - VR Gambling Technology - Is This the Future?

And now with all the fuss of the VR technology and smart glasses, gambling has finally come its way and VR is having a great display of the much functionality that can be applied to gambling.

The Project Has Many Investors Behind

Now multiples companies have been investing in a way for a virtual reality gambling that can offer more opportunities for more potential players, this can be from a more complete experience that can be more interactive with other persons.

The Future Is Coming

Witnessing the example of NetEnt and how they are planning of making software that is focused on online gambling and can be applied on most of the VR goggles, since offering a 3D experience that can be displayed in a 360-degree full experience.

vr woman high up - VR Gambling Technology - Is This the Future?

With this, the future of gambling can see a new horizon in this platform that every day is gaining more and more users. And since we are only starting in the trend of VR and their use is fairly limited, new horizons are being reached with the latest discoveries in this tech.

vr woman white shirt - 7 Facts about How Smart Goggles Really Work

7 Facts about How Smart Goggles Really Work

Google Glass has developed a device in form of lenses where you can see everything in augmented reality, which means, like a telephone or a computer in your eyes.

You can manipulate through its various applications of your phone even, and there are cameras. They went on sale in 2013 and since then, hundreds of models have emerged that are increasingly being exceeded with excellent features. So the website gathered some facts about how smart they are:


It has an internal storage of 16GB that even everything you save can synchronize the storage with the cloud which will have a capacity of 12GB.

wifi - 7 Facts about How Smart Goggles Really Work


You also have the option of being connected to Wi-Fi networks, and also have the option of Bluetooth where through that it’s the way that you can connect directly with your mobile phone and be able to manage it from the lenses.


The battery is very good, can even have duration of a whole day of use.

lens - 7 Facts about How Smart Goggles Really Work


These types of intelligent glasses even have an internal camera where you can take photos with a resolution of 5 Mpx and record video in 720 pixels.


It has a touch screen that is in the “glasses” of the lenses, where you can manipulate anything you want and control it to your liking.

They also serve to read

Some of the designs of intelligent lenses, not all, have the option to be used as real lenses, which means, in case you want to see from far, near or bifocal. Some of them bring the option.

bald man vr - 7 Facts about How Smart Goggles Really Work


It has the tracking system of GPS. And it can also be used to store any type of information or data you want, for example when you finish training in the gym or running, time, calories burned and much more can be stored too.

They really are the coolest things that have been released lately, because if we thought that using the phone was something practical, using the internet or any app in this type of lens really is faster than anything. You can control any function of your phone, everything within reach of your eyes.