What smart phones teach us about SmartGoggles

Technically speaking, what made smart phones so much more useful than flip phones? Two main things:

  1. An operating system, such as iOS or Android, running on a sufficiently-strong processor, that allows adding applications to the phone, thereby endlessly expanding its based functionality. At the same time, basic phone functions are kept or enhanced
  2. Enhanced user interface – usually a touch screen – that allows the user to conveniently interact with the phone

Given this, it’s no surprise that we adopted the same approach to make SmartGoggles so much more useful than traditional goggles:

  1. An open operating system, Android 4.0 in the first product, that allows access to numerous applications as well as allows executing them locally – on the goggles. At the same time, maintain traditional goggle functions such as 3D viewing, head tracking and the ability to connect to external video sources.
  2. Enhanced user interface – powered by the ability to sense hand motion – thus allowing easier interaction with the goggles

That’s why we believe that some day soon, most goggles will be smart goggles.

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