SmartGoggles with a Smart Phones

One demo that was often overlooked at CES was a demonstration of the Natalia SmartGoggles together with a smart phone. For the purposes of the demo, we used a Motorola Droid Razr that was paired with the SmartGoggles. A 3D gaming application was running on the Droid, and the SmartGoggles were used both as a display mechanism – to show the 3D video – as well as an input device which captured the user’s head movements and sent them to the phone. Thus, while SmartGoggles can certainly run applications on the goggle itself, they can be paired with phones, tablets or PCs to work in tandem. This is particularly useful if you already made a content or application investment in the non-SmartGoggles platform.

An interesting twist in the demo was the game navigation itself. Our content partners developed a very nice interface which used the touch screen of the phone to navigate in space.

We believe this is an early sign of some excellent phone-centered applications.

One thought on “SmartGoggles with a Smart Phones

  1. WOW !!! this is such a great HMD.. loads of awesome features.. let’s hope they can keep the price down to help it gain momentum. Aimed at the gaming industry at the right price .. this HMD will eat up any other HMD on the market. I know I’ll be ordering one…. As for the Smart Phone integration, I’d like to see it run a form of augmented reality.