New Unity-Powered Gaming Experience for SmartGoggles

I had the opportunity to try an early version the new Unity-powered game delivered by our partner SideKick for the SmartGoggles platform.


In the game, you are a big robot (called “HateBot”) that has serious anger management issues and goes on a destruction tour of a city. The game begins with simple Hatebot Hates and Total Annihilation levels in which sheer destruction is the goal. As the game progresses, your goals will become more complex, your enemies will grow stronger and the time limit for each mission will become stricter. You travel over different portions of the city: The financial district, Chinatown and the elegant shopping district will all be pulverized. Shady bankers, traffic wardens, pushy taxi drivers, lawyers and more: Hatebot must destroy a number of them in each level and the clock is ticking. Those pesky choppers and tanks aren’t helping either.

As you’d expect from a SmartGoggles experience, there are no wires. I just put the goggles on the head and the game started – no need for a game console, or PC or video cables that limit mobility. What makes it particularly exciting is that in this game, I am not controlling Hatebot, I am Hatebot. As I move my head, the scene changes, in full 3D of course. As I physically jump around, Hatebot jumps over tall buildings as soon as I leave the ground.

The version I tested uses a game controller (wireless, of course) to control Hatebot’s hands, but the final version in a few weeks will use our built in-hand tracking so that you will really need to swing your hands for Hatebot to take down buildings and helicopters.

You can see some screen captures at our partners page. Below is a video to how this game looks when played in a Kinect, but to see it in 3D, 360 degree mode, you’ll need to try it on SmartGoggles

If this is sign of things to come, fasten your seat belts.

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