Natalia SmartGoggles to be a featured hardware platform at Dare to be Digital competition

Dare to be Digital
is a video games development competition for extremely talented students at Universities and Colleges of Art. Teams of 5 students, usually a mix of artists, programmers and audio, assemble at Abertay University, Scotland, for 9 weeks during June to August to develop a prototype video game, receiving mentoring from industry. The students also receive a weekly stipend, free accommodation at the University’s halls of residence and a modest team budget.

At the end of the competition, the prototypes are displayed at talent showcasing event Dare ProtoPlay. The general public and industry experts get to play and vote for the games. At the Dare awards ceremony, three prizes of £2500 will be awarded to the three highest scoring teams based on the criteria of innovation and creativity, market potential and use of technology. Seven months later the winning teams attend the BAFTA Video Games Awards to compete for the coveted “Ones to Watch Award”.

Sensics Natalia SmartGoggles will be a featured hardware platform at the event, meaning that students will have the opportunity to develop unique games on it.

From the competition Web site: “If you really “Dare to be Digital” then you must consider developing a game for the Sensics SmartGoggles.  These goggles combine high performance 3D virtual reality goggles with two innovative features:  an embedded processor running Android 4.0 and multiple cameras to track hand and movement.  Imagine an Android based game played on a stand-alone 3D head worn device where your head movement is captured so you are truly in the game.  Your hands and arm movement is also tracked so you can include actual movement and gestures in the game and you can even include a peripheral like a sword or gun.  The gamer will be fully mobile and will have an experience unlike any available from current phones, tablets, consoles or PCs.  We provide the hardware the SDK and the support, you create the experience.”

2 thoughts on “Natalia SmartGoggles to be a featured hardware platform at Dare to be Digital competition

  1. Are your goggles a product that can be used to increase one’s “field of vision” ?

    I have poor periferal vision in one eye. Can your product improve this problem/

    I will appreciate your response.

    ps If you don’t have such a product; could you direct me to a company that can help me ?