Multi-modal interfaces and the SmartGoggles

SmartGoggles are virtual reality goggles with a on-board application processor, hand and head position tracking, a built in-microphone and expansion options such as USB. With SmartGoggles, user interface becomes simpler.

For instance, imagine that you are playing a game and you the game asks you to make a simple yes/no decision. With SmartGoggles, you can answer in multiple ways:

  • Say “Yes”, and have the Android processor on board use voice recognition to understand it.
  • Nod your head. Since head movements are monitored, a gesture engine on board can understand the movement.
  • Reach out in space and tap a “yes” area with your hand. Since hand positions are understood by the SmartGoggles, it can tell what you mean.
  • Use an external device such as a wireless game controller to indicate this selection.

What is the best way to do this? It depends. If your hands are busy, you might want to speak or nod. If you like voice interfaces, just say “yes”


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