4 thoughts on “Media coverage of SmartGoggles

  1. I followed media coverage closely and I noticed the tone of coverage as well as the tone of reader comments is far less cynical and there is more emphasis on features and applications than would have been possible just three years ago. Just look at comments to videos of the original omnidirectional treadmill…

    It seems to me that there’s finally a generation of users who are ready to accept VR as a reasonable way to interface with computers… even the dreaded term “virtual reality” is finally being used (almost) without prejudice.

  2. I’m very excited by such a product. I had the Virtual Boy when it first came out and that blew my min You guys could be on to a winning product here.

  3. Nice to see they are utilising head-tracking & AR. Those cameras would be so welcomed in an AR environment. The screen sounds amazing… just hope they manage to get the bulky size down somewhat without compromising features. This unit will kick butt over the Sony Hmz if it manages to make it to the consumer market at an affordable price for the average gamer out there. Keeping out fingers crossed on this one… Well played Sensics.. we’ve been waiting 20+ years for a HMD like this.. here’s hoping you can deliver and bring true emmersion gaming to the masses. ENJOY p.s if you ever require a Beta tester… I’m your man.. man !

  4. One more note: CAn you imagine this coupled with a smart phone… this device has integrated cameras and mic. Wow the possibilities are endless… bring it on Sensics