Gearing Up for CES

The Consumer Electronics Show opens next week in Las Vegas and this is the first time we are participating as an exhibitor. We set up a private meeting place to showcase SmartGoggles technology as well as preview Natalia, the first SmartGoggles product. Our primary focus is on showing this to phone, tablet, PC, game console and content companies, and of course for the press. Parties interested in a demo should contact us to see if there are demo slots left.

Hopefully, next CES we will be on the open show floor for everyone to try.

Natalia is coming together nicely. Sure, it would have been great to have CES next month and not this month – more features would be truly ready – but we should have enough for a nice preview even next week.

A couple of units being assembled are shown below.

Feedback thus far has been wonderful. We can’t wait to get more during the show.

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