SmartGoggles are built for developers. We offer two main developer programs:

SmartGoggles for Application Developers

Application developers can use SmartGoggles technology to develop new types of experiences, or to transition existing applications into SmartGoggle-enabled ones. To support this, Sensics delivers libSensics™, an Android™ library that provides full access to the SmartGoggle capabilities including:

  • Head angular position and linear acceleration
  • X/Y/Z and angular position of hands
  • Full control over resolutions, display and stereo modes
  • Access to platform-specific features

SmartGoggles for Platform Developers

For those manufacturers wishing to build their own products based on SmartGoggles technology, or to augment existing offering with SmartGoggle capabilities, Sensics offers a full support package including:

  • Reference designs and evaluation systems
  • On-site and remote engineering support services
  • Prototype and initial-quantity manufacturing services
  • Design consultations